About Stefan.Lu

A bit more about me and how I work


Stefan Lugtigheid is a freelance product developer. He helps startups and innovative companies by developing new products/services. He specialises in translating abstract ideas into concrete solutions through a systematic design process.

What is a product developer?

The role of a product developer is misunderstood. I myself am schooled as an “industrial designer” - which confuses a lot of people, thinking product development is about aesthetics only. But it’s not.

Working as a product developer, means working at the intersection of business, the market and engineering - often in collaboration with marketeers, business developers and specialised engineers (e.g. programmers, mechanical engineers or production specialists).

The typical tasks of a product developer include, but are not limited to:

  • develop new products/services
  • improving existing products/services
  • define a vision for a product/service
  • feasibility analysis
  • turning abstract problems into concrete solutions
  • solving scalability issues for mass production & -consumption
  • but most importantly: follow a solid design process

Following a solid design process ensures that the right choices are made at the right time, for the right reasons. In larger teams this becomes even more important, where product developers often take the central coordinating role as a product manager - responsible for the product vision and development roadmap.