This site is a partial collection of projects I’ve worked on and things I’ve written. Its purpose is to explain what I do - by showing you.

In general, my added value in projects is shifting from hands-on design & engineering work to product management and product strategy. People I work with appreciate my skills in conceptual thinking, analytical thinking, technical knowledge and my overall knowledge of the product development process in practise.

I enjoy making things, whether it’s business-related or for fun. I’ve tried to categorise my work before, but I have grown a bit tired of the Dutch tendency of “hokjesdenken” (pigeonholing). I just enjoy the process of designing and making products, digital or physical - it’s up to you to put a label on my work.

I grew up with tools and computers around the house and enjoyed fixing televisions, VHS players and building computers together with my dad. I was one of the first kids in elementary school who had access to the Internet. When I was 10 years old, I built my own GeoCities website with Microsoft Frontpage, quickly regretted that and started learning HTML, figured out I needed CSS for styling and soon after that picked up PHP & MySQL.
About 10 years later I ended up starting my own business as a web developer, as a side-job during my education as an Industrial Design Engineer. I have been working as a freelance engineer ever since.

Besides work, I like to go climbing and I play in a band called Speakerpunch.

Image courtesy: header image by Joris Helming Fotografie for 3D printed electric longboard