This is a copy of a press release for TIQ Time, one of the main projects I’ve been working on for several years.

From proof of concept to successful go-live in just four months using a 100% virtual implementation methodology.

TIQ, a global leader in automated time tracking systems for law firms and other professional services organisations, announced today that European leading full-service law firm Cuatrecasas replaced its legacy Intapp time tracking solution with TIQ’s best-of-breed time capture solution.

TIQ Time is a fully automated cloud-based time tracking and capturing system, helping law firms to reduce time leakage, thereby increasing bottom-line results while at the same time increasing transparency in service delivery. TIQ Time integrates with productivity software like Microsoft Office and document management systems, collaboration software like Microsoft Teams and Zoom and all major practice management systems. These integrations allow fee earners to work with the most modern time capturing solution available while not disturbing existing business processes.

For Cuatrecasas, TIQ developed new integrations to connect TIQ Time with SAP (practice management) and NetDocuments (document management). Another option worth mentioning is the Zoom integration, making it possible for Cuatrecasas to capture all time spent by fee earners while meeting online.

Francesc Muñoz, Cuatrecasas’ CIO, commented:

The software is excellent, and the integrations with other systems work very fast and are stable. Overall, the performance is much better than what we had before. Working with TIQ was a very positive experience, and for our firm, it also helped that TIQ is a European-based company.

During the whole project – from sales to implementation – no physical meetings took place between TIQ and Cuatrecasas. The project was delivered remotely – on time and budget – without any issues. Muñoz:

We have never met the guys from TIQ, only their CEO Nick Schils. The first time I met Nick was in July, weeks after the system went live in our firm.

Cuatrecasas project co-lead Roberto López commented:

Our users are pleased with the new time tracking solution. The little feedback we have received so far is very positive. The fact that we received little feedback is actually the best news because swapping systems always causes inconvenience for the users. Apparently, this swap resulted in little resistance for change.

User training was kept to a minimum: a 30-minute online training session combined with a go-live video was all it took to get the firm going with the new software. The first billing cycle - one month after go-live, completed successfully without any noticeable issues.

TIQ’s CEO Nick Schils:

Working together with Francesc, Roberto, and the rest of the Cuatrecasas team was an incredible and effective experience. The level of IT knowledge and experience at Cuatrecasas resulted in a smooth integration and onboarding. At TIQ, we are proud to onboard one of Europe’s largest law firms, and it is a great step towards the future. This project is an amazing example of what can be achieved with a world-class team and as a forerunner in the digital transformation of law firms. By leveraging the modern architecture offered by TIQ’s software, Cuatrecasas can utilise the insights from TIQ optimally, from IT to day-to-day operations and finance.

About Cuatrecasas

Specialising in all areas of business law, Cuatrecasas is present in 14 countries, with a strong focus on Spain, Portugal and Latin America. Over 1,700 professionals based at 27 offices work as a single team: they collaborate, share challenges and work together to exceed clients’ expectations consistently

About TIQ Time

TIQ Time helps lawyers build a complete and consistent timesheet, helping firms to reduce leakage, increase their bottom-line and optimise insights and transparency in service delivery.

I’ve been involved with the design, development and management of TIQ Time since day one. My activities for TIQ Time include:

  • product design
  • product development
  • front-end development
  • product management
  • product strategy

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