So, I decided to bite the bullet and start blogging. Yes, I know. Another blog. And now I’m going to convince you this is not just another blog.

Because: this is not a blog.

Instead, I consider this “blog” a living portfolio and cabinet of curiosities - primarily focused on providing information to:

  • my professional network
  • friends
  • family
  • those who stumble upon my blog through a Google search.

Who am I?

I’m Stefan Lugtigheid and I’m a 30-year old Product Developer from Breda (NL). I’m schooled as an Industrial Design Engineer (Bachelor degree) and specialised in Media Innovation (Master degree).

I’ve had an interest in building things as long as I can remember - from disassembling TV’s and building PC’s with my dad to programming my first PHP/MySQL application in the late 90s. Technology has always excited me.

During my studies I found my skills in web development I’ve gained over the years, were becoming a valuable asset in both hardware- and software development. This is when I started working as a freelancer in 2008. To this day I’m still active in both hardware- and software development on a professional level and have co-founded several companies in the meantime.

3 Reasons why I started a blog

I’m an engineer, not a writer. Writing does not come to me naturally. Still, there are 3 reasons for me to do it anyway:

1. Shameless self-promotion. People often don’t understand what I’m working on, because of the innovative nature of the work I do. In the upcoming weeks I will start adding information about the projects I’ve done and the project I’m currently working on.

2. Giving back to the internet: The Internet a lot of valuable information, for free. When problems arise, we Google them and often find a solution submitted by someone else. It makes sense to me to start doing the same. I run into technical challenges on a daily basis, and often find a solution by combining solutions offered on blogs/forums. Those solutions will be posted here too.

3. Shortcuts for colleagues: Quality information is getting harder to come by as the Internet grows. If I find good quality information worth sharing, I will ;-)

What will I be blogging about?

  • Product Development
  • Product Management
  • Web Development
  • App Development
  • User Interface Design (UI)
  • User Experience Design (UX)
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Virtual Reality
  • Electronics
  • Innovation
  • Privacy

How can you leave feedback?

For now, I have kept this blog simple and haven’t implemented a commenting system (yet). If you’re interested in getting in touch with me, feel free to drop me an email.