This is a copy of a press release for TIQ Time, one of the main projects I’ve been working on for several years.

The leading Nordic law firm Thommessen has implemented best-of-breed time registration software TIQ Time. The software is used by all lawyers and staff across the firm’s offices in Oslo, Stavanger, Bergen, and London.

TIQ is pleased to announce that Thommessen implemented TIQ’s time registration software firm wide. 300 of Thommessen’s lawyers and staff adopted TIQ Time when the firm updated its existing ERP to include more specialised and more modern tools.

Trine Melsether, Chief Digital Officer at Thommessen:

Time tracking is at the core of the legal business model. You don’t want your lawyers to spend a lot of time tracking their billable hours, you want them to spend it adding value for clients. From the first moment, our lawyers were very engaged with TIQ Time, and understood the value the service would deliver. The fact that TIQ is focused fully on the legal market creates trust and made it a safe choice for our firm.

The firm’s previous solution - a timesheet native to the ERP system - lacked certain functionality, causing frustration among the lawyers. TIQ’s time capture service alleviates these frustrations. Its interface is easy-to-use and offers modern time recording features, including fully automated time capture alongside manual timers. The software is supported on desktop and mobile devices. In this case, TIQ Time was rolled out on top of the ERP installation and iManage Worksite.

Nick Schils, CEO at TIQ Time:

One of the promises we make our customers is that we never charge consulting fees when it comes to onboarding, integration and implementation. We believe that as a true Software-as-a- Service company, an effortless roll-out and adoption should be part of the core of the product. Over the years, this philosophy has translated to a sophisticated approach where TIQ Time can be adopted by leading firms, such as Thommessen, within days.

Trine Melsether, CDO:

Our challenge was that we were switching our ERP system, which meant that we had to roll out TIQ Time to all users at once. On Friday our lawyers were working with the previous solution, and on Monday everybody started using TIQ Time. The transition was amazingly smooth, and worked from day one.

About Thommessen

Thommessen is one of Norway’s leading commercial law firms, with offices in Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger and London. Since its foundation in 1856, the firm has been closely involved in most of the defining developments in Norwegian industry and commerce. Thommessen’s clients are Norwegian and international businesses, in both the private and public sector. The firm assists businesses with transactions, complex projects, and dispute resolution in all commercial law disciplines. Several of Thommessen’s lawyers are leading experts in their field in Norway, and a number of them are admitted to the Supreme Court.

About TIQ Time

TIQ Time helps lawyers build a complete and consistent timesheet, helping firms to reduce leakage, increase their bottom-line and optimise insights and transparency in service delivery.

I’ve been involved with the design, development and management of TIQ Time since day one. My activities for TIQ Time include:

  • product design
  • product development
  • front-end development
  • product management
  • product strategy

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