Please read this privacy policy carefully.

Zero-knowledge Privacy Policy

The best protection of your data is not to collect and store it at all.
I have no interest in your data.
And I don’t even use tools on this website that could collect your data.

These are the safety measures I’ve taken to ensure that no data is collected:

  • No cookies: this website does not store any data in cookies or your local storage.
  • No Javascript: as a Javascript developer, I know what’s possible with Javascript and I’m appalled by the use of Javascript with the sole purpose of data collection. That’s why you will find no Javascript on my website. There’s really no need for it here.
  • Secure connection (HTTPS): A secure connection means that requests to my server are encrypted. Even your Internet Service Provider (ISP) will not know which page you’re accessing on my website.
  • No contact forms: You can just send me an email if you want to contact me. This means your data does not pass any third party mail servers and/or scripts.
  • No analytics: I do not use Google Analytics, retargeting pixels or similar tools. No tool will try to fingerprint your browser, no third party will be informed of your presence on my site.
  • No social media buttons: social media buttons can be used to track your behavior online. This site will be off the radar for them.
  • No third-party content: all content on this website is self-hosted. There are no interactions with third parties that may reveal your presence on my website, such as embedded images, video, fonts or content delivery networks (CDN).
  • No databases: technically I have no way to store your data. This website doesn’t use any databases.
  • No interactive scripts: my pages are as dumb as possible, meaning there are no content management systems (CMS) or scripts behind it that might be used to compromise the server on which this website is hosted.

Third parties

There are 2 points of interaction with me; via my website and via email. I rely on 2 providers for this and I’ve carefully picked them based on data security and geolocation.

My website is hosted on Netlify cloud infrastructure (global network) with log analytics disabled.

My email is hosted by ProtonMail, an encrypted email provider based in Switzerland.

Changes to the privacy policy

The Privacy Policy will always be located at It is possible for this Privacy Policy to be amended in the future, therefore it is recommended to review this policy regularly.


If you have any questions about this privacy policy, feel free to send me an email.