This post is about the new TIQ marketing website we launched last week. I think this is the best version of the TIQ marketing website we have made up to today:

Homepage of the new TIQ marketing website

This post is a quick writeup to give you an idea of how we approached the redesign and the development process.


We started off with the TIQ marketing website we initially launched as a single page in 2015 that has been an ongoing project ever since. This is the version before the redesign:

The previous TIQ marketing webpage

These are the goals we set ourselves:

  • Implement a new, fresh-looking graphic design with more colours and contrast. We have outgrown our old dark and grey color theme.
  • Less reliance on header images: improve navigation and conversion by moving content above the fold.
  • Improve the focus of information and make it more relevant to our target audience: the legal sector. We recently shifted our focus to the legal sector and therefore a content update was needed.

The development process

Our previous marketing page grew from a single generic page to a 25 page website with 10 different landing pages for our marketing campaigns. While this is not a shockingly big website, we were able to reduce these numbers significantly (60%) by keeping it simple - which in turn reduces the technical complexity/overhead.

Keeping it simple also means we are still not using a Content Management System (CMS) after 2 years. By not using a CMS we force ourselves to keep the code as lean as possible for quick updates (on a weekly basis). It currently runs on Silex (PHP micro-framework) on Microsoft Azure with Git deployment.

A snapshot of the current TIQ marketing website:

And of course, check out our live TIQ Marketing website!

How I was involved

  • Graphic design
  • Web design (UI/UX)
  • Front-end development
  • Back-end development

More information


  • Image courtesy: TIQ website screenshots by yours truly