Migrating from Jekyll to Hexo

I’ve been running my personal website for about 3 years now and am very happy running a static site generator. I’ve picked Jekyll in the past because it was the most viable option at the time. Today, static site generators are more popular and I’ve decided to switch to Hexo.

In this post I will summarize the steps taken to convert the Jekyll codebase to Hexo.

Using Webpack & Vue.js with .NET Core in 2020

ASP.NET used to have a nice Webpack integration with the officially supported Microsoft.AspNetCore.SpaServices Nuget package. In August 2019 Microsoft announced that it would be deprecating this package and suggested a new integration mechanism with Microsoft.AspNetCore.SpaServices.Extensions.

Since I use this with Vue.js and the new integration mechanism doesn’t offer the same functionality, I’ll share how I managed to get up and running again in this post.

Leading Nordic law firm Roschier implements TIQ Time

This is a copy of a press release for TIQ Time, one of the main projects I’ve been working on for several years.

Amsterdam and Helsinki, 6 April 2020. TIQ has announced that Roschier is now working firm-wide with TIQ Time to improve its time registration. Approximately 500 staff members, of which more than 300 lawyers and practitioners, use TIQ Time as time entry solution.