My notes: Debian 9 installation & common fixes

Recently I decided to start using a GNU/Linux distribution as the main OS on my desktop instead of Windows 10 (why?).

I’ve tried various distributions, installation methods and window managers and finally found a setup that worked for me. In this post I’ll share my notes with you, so you can hopefully save some time and frustration.

By following the steps below, I’m able to set up a clean, error-free GNU/Linux environment in about 20-30 minutes.

Upgrading a 90s CNC machine to modern standards

Why get rid of an old, high quality Japanese machine when it can be upgraded? That’s what Dutchcreen thought when they contacted me. They have a Brother TC-324N CNC machine that works great, but is a pain to program. They asked me to check if it’s possible to generate programs in 3D CAD software and transfer it directly to the machine..

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