In 2018 and 2019 I’ve been involved with the development of the SAM bird feeder and the ANNA bird feeder. To complete the line of bird feeders for Singing Friend, the next challenge was to design a peanut butter bird feeder using the same recycled material.

The result

Let’s start with some pictures of the end result:

Singing Friend ESMEE bird feeder

Singing Friend ESMEE bird feeder in use

Singing Friend ESMEE bird feeder packaging

The challenges

The design process proved to be a lot more difficult than the previous bird feeders we’ve done together with Singing Friend, particularly because the size and weight of the peanut butter jars that are inserted into the feeder. Studio OSO managed to design it in such a way that it retains the signature visual style of the SAM and ANNA feeders while keeping material usage to a minimum.

The development process

If you’re interested in the technical side of these projects, I would suggest having a look at my previous post about the SAM, in which I’ve provided more in-depth information about the recycled material and the product development process. You can find it here: SAM: 100% recycled bird feeder.

Singing Friend ESMEE bird feeder in WWF webshop

The customer, SingingFriend, has put a lot of effort into making their product offering more sustainable. As a result, all the recycled bird feeders are actively endorsed by the WWF as a sustainable choice! You can check out the products here:

My responsibilities

  • Product strategy: as founder of Shapeforce
  • Product development: as a member of the development team

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